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All About Gold

We particularly love to buy gold and other precious metal jewellery. You may be surprised how much money your old gold is worth. Our buyers know their stuff and most of the time can tell you the purity of your items from their hallmarks or by experience. If not, we can usually test to make sure.

With gold and precious metals we are even more straightforward. We publish a minimum price by weight and purity in-store every day and guarantee to offer you at least this much for the outright sale of hallmarked items.

For some saleable pieces we will offer much more than this minimum price but you will need to bring them into store for valuation. It’s quick – most items can be valued and the cash handed over in minutes. Our buyers will always offer you instant cash, not vouchers or promises. No gimmicks; it’s all about cash.

Buyback is naturally available on jewellery as well, and at lower costs than for general merchandise. Ask us for details.

You need to be 18+ to sell to us and, at least the first time we meet you, we will ask for proof of identity and address. We will take your photo and keep your details safe – for your security and ours. We do reserve the right to refuse to buy from anyone at our sole discretion. We do work very closely with our local Police so please do not try to sell us something which does not belong to you.

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Saving It On eBay

You will find all our bargains online here or in our eBay shop below. Most of our listings are auctions starting at 99p with no reserve. If you see something you fancy, click-through and make your best bid!