Products Wanted

We love to buy all sorts of moveable household goods in saleable condition for cash. The most popular categories are mobile phones, laptop and tablet computers, games consoles and games, televisions, hi-fi and audio equipment, cameras, musical instruments and more.  Here are a few things we have sold in the past and would love to buy new examples of now.

When you bring something to us, we try to be very straight with you. We will tell you what we think your item will sell for and offer you at least half of that price (sometimes more). The difference pays our wages. It’s quick – most items can be valued and the cash handed over in minutes. Our buyers will always offer you instant cash, not vouchers or promises. No gimmicks; it’s all about cash. You need to be 18+ to sell to us and, at least the first time we meet you, we will ask for proof of identity and address. We will take your photo and keep your details safe – for your security and ours. We do reserve the right to refuse to buy from anyone at our sole discretion.